Why Hop?

Websites. We Make Those.

You’re a non-profit and you want to influence a wider audience. You’re a school. You’re a not-so-small business. You’re an agency that needs help. You’re an expert in your field and you need an expert in this stuff. You’re a real person who likes to work with real people.

You want a website, or a new site. You want it to look good: professional but friendly, like your company. You want to work with real people, who answer the phone and care about what you’re trying to do.

You’ve got this new idea to change the world, and you need to talk to someone who can help focus and deliver your dreams. You want to put up some stories (maybe a lot of stories) or testimonials or your annual report. You want to sell something.

You already have a website. It’s old, slow and outdated. People have trouble finding you on search engines. Your employees complain. And you want people to come look at it, but you’re afraid of what they’ll find. How many people visit it, anyway? You don’t know.

You’ve got some video, some audio. You want to add a blog, but you want it to be fun, creative. You have this book; you have a screenplay. You have a Facebook page, but it’s neglected. (Should you be doing more with social media? Who can you ask?)

You have to get started NOW and you need a company that’s ready to go.

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Services Offered

  • ExpressionEngine Experts

    As Canada's top ExpressionEngine professionals, we've been building ExpressionEngine sites since the beginning of EE -- version 0.9 beta, in fact.

  • Eye (and Ear) For Design

    We've won many Webby awards (like an Oscar, but for websites) for our design and development work. We do it by listening carefully to what you want, and then making it, better.

  • Fast, Responsive, Professional

    Don't be satisfied with unreliable, hard-to-reach, under-delivering web shops. We answer the phone. We go the extra mile. We're interested in doing our best for you. Today.

  • In the Industry Since 2001

    But it's not enough just to have been around for a long time if you don't stay current. We started early, and we stay ahead of the pack. We're here for the long haul.

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