Hop Studios currently has no open…'}


Open Positions

Hop Studios currently has no open positions.

If you still want to get in touch (it can't hurt!), please send a cover letter, your resume, and links to websites you’ve built, to:

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What We Offer...

  • We are a virtual firm, mostly based in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada, but with remote workers and contractors from across North America.
  • We pay a competitive, equitable wage tied to experience (but not to pay history) with a great benefits package.
  • We have a collaborative work environment, with a lot of personal freedom and trust.
  • We work hard, but also have lives outside of work. There are no death marches here.
  • We shouldn't have to say this, but we don't mind saying it proudly:
    We hire with the intent of having a diverse and multi-faceted staff, and we value tolerance and empathy as much as intelligence and experience.

What You Offer...

This is not a complete list of what we look for, but a short list of qualities we value.

  • Integrity: We trust you, because you've earned it.
  • Creativity: The ability to look beyond the default state and envision a better one.
  • Intelligence: ______ smarts, whether that be book smarts, street smarts, or emotional intelligence.
  • Humor: If you don't stop from time to time to laugh at this whole crazy absurd world, you won't fit in here.
  • Experience: Of course, this depends on the position and increases as you grow into your full potential, but we like to see people come to Hop Studios with a broad experience of the world and a specific expertise in your chosen path. Our clients deserve the best.

Don’t send your resume as a Word document. We mean it.

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