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CMS Cleanup

Content management systems are great! A website of any complexity needs one. But any website with a content management system is also a website that could use a CMS clean up.

An annual CMS cleanup can actually save you time and money—think of it as preventative medicine for your website!

In a perfect world, this kind of cleanup work would happen organically each time you add new features or change how your site works.

But in practice, oftentimes the artifacts of earlier efforts get left in place. Sometimes this occurs for very valid reasons. Perhaps your developer wants to keep an old version around in case you need to roll back to it. Sometimes it happens because you start developing a new section and then, oh, a pandemic comes along and your development effort gets redirected.

And sometimes cruft builds up for the same reason there’s always clutter on the dining room table—because that’s just where you left it.

Let Hop Studios take a look at your content management system for things like: outdated or no longer used templates, database fields, channels/sections, categories, member groups and accounts, email notifications, and plugins/add-ons. We’ll identify anything that can be removed for simplicity and efficiency, as well as anything that needs to be updated for security and stability.

Clearing out these bits and pieces regularly has many benefits:

  • Deleting unused templates and database fields can increase server performance and disk space

  • Removing unused member groups and accounts shuts down potential security gaps and holes, as does updating plugins or the CMS itself

  • Labeling old templates and functionality as such makes future development work faster and more accurate

  • Get the most functionality you can out of your current plugins by making sure you’re running their latest versions

  • Removing defunct content and forwarding those pages keeps your site performing at peak SEO efficiency

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