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Headless Development

If you would like your ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS site to be available via a native mobile phone application, or as a Progressive Web App (PWA), you may think you need to build and maintain an entirely new piece of software to reach those goals. Fortunately, both ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS work well as headless APIs connected to frontend services!

We can help you in building that API – basically making your CMS into a smart storehouse that provides data to multiple platforms at once – to send up-to-date content efficiently to a mobile application and/or a PWA. This is useful especially for many types of structured data such as inventory or menu items.

We’re fully experienced and can work with you to define your application’s needs, whether you’re fetching posts from different channels, setting up mailing list subscriptions, updating member profiles, sharing user calendars…. whatever you need done – we can do it!

Reach out to us today for this headless development and you can be assured of getting the best possible service. .

Curious about the advantages of building a site using a headless CMS? (Not even quite sure what that is?) Find more details in our blog post - Headless Development using ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS

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