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Websites are like gardens—they need careful upkeep and maintenance to really look their best. And, as with a garden, you have to maintain the whole thing, not just the newest plants. Over time, weeds crop up, even healthy plants can get unwieldy, over-used paths are worn—ok, ok, you get the idea. A good gardener must be just as concerned with the whole as with the details.

We’ve found that a periodic comprehensive site review is one of the best strategies for cultivating your gar… er, website. It’s a big job, but if you’ve ever come across a website which needs this kind of maintenance, you know just what kind of effect neglecting a site can have: missing content, broken functionality, and outdated content are traffic killers, and they don’t do anything good for your reputation and credibility either.

When we say comprehensive, we mean everything that should be looked at. During a really thorough site review, every page is viewed, every link clicked, every piece of text read, every piece of functionality tested. It doesn’t stop there, either. Does your site load quickly? Is your site secure? How does your site look and perform for visitors using mobile devices? Have you checked your error logs recently?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the time for this kind of work. The press of daily tasks is always urgent, and working on the next new thing is always more exciting than going back over work you’ve mentally filed away as “done.”

Fortunately, Hop Studios specializes in this kind of maintenance. Let our nit-picky and detail-oriented staffers do the clicking for you. Having an outsider conduct a whole site review is even more effective than having one of your staff tackle it. After all, an outsider won’t make assumptions about how things work, and doesn’t have an agenda of any kind other than making sure everything is working the way it should. With our experience and eagle eyes, we’ll spot little misalignments and missing tag attributes that you might not notice but which keep your site from being its best.  Best of all, Hop Studios can help you fix any issues we find, too!

Contact us today, and we’ll put together an inexpensive and comprehensive review, customized for your site and budget.

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