Why Hop?

Maintenance and Upgrades
for Out-of-Date, Neglected
ExpressionEngine Add-Ons

We all love ExpressionEngine’s wonderful community of developers, who have created so many excellent and powerful modules, extensions and add-ons. But sometimes those developers stop supporting their add-ons. The result? You end up frozen at a certain version of EE that works with your add-on, or you have to give up the add-on and re-develop your site in order to upgrade ExpressionEngine.

Neither of these solutions is healthy for your site. Postponing the upgrade only pushes the problem to some point in the future when you will be forced by a security concern or a necessary improvement to upgrade. And giving up functionality is rarely beneficial to you or appreciated by your site visitors.

Now, there’s a third way. If you’re stuck with an unsupported add-on, get in touch. We’ll happily revise the add-on to be compatible with the upgrade you want to make, no compromise necessary. And we can help you keep that add-on current with future versions of EE as well.

We’ve built a multitude of ExpressionEngine sites, and we’ve created quite a few of those ExpressionEngine add-ons ourselves, so we get it: you should be able to have and eat your cake!

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