Client Care Program

As a client of Hop Studios, you have access to a large menu of FREE services.

We treat your customers as if they were our own, and we want to make sure your site always offers the best possible experience to any visitor, at any time, on any device. We want your site to be its best and to represent you and your brand at top quality, every day of the year.

To ensure we can achieve this together with you, we created the Client Care Program (CCP). The program is free for all active clients and it currently covers these areas:

1. Site Speed / Performance Review
A fast site is essential for new and returning visitors. When you first sign up with Hop Studios, and more often if requested, we will review your site’s Page Speed. We will let you know about any factors affecting your site’s front-end performance and suggest ways it can be improved. Cost: FREE

2. Accessibility Review
A site should be useable by any visitor regardless of their abilities or situation. Upon request, we will review your site’s compliance with general accessibility guidelines and best practices by doing up to two (2) hours of website accessibility testing. Our report will outline ways it can be improved, and ways it might not be in legal compliance as well. Cost: FREE

3. Technology Status Review
Keeping your site’s software current results in fewer bugs, more features, and better security. Upon request, we will create a short software status report advising you about the state of your site’s add-ons and core software. (We tend to do this anyway while maintaining your site, but if you have not done much development recently, this is likely a good idea.) Cost: FREE

4. Automated Site Monitoring and Alerts
What good is a site if it cannot be visited? We monitor your site minute-by-minute with a robust third-party uptime monitoring service, and we notify you of all significant site outages. If you want a more detailed report on your site’s uptime, we will generate one for you. Cost: FREE

5. SEO Review
We analyze your site’s content, information architecture and HTML structure to ensure that your site has been built to rank best in the search engines. We’ll deliver a report on ways to improve. Cost: FREE

6. Analytics Review
Whatever your site’s traffic tools are, we will make sure they are all installed correctly and reporting properly. If you want additional training or any automated custom reporting or training, we’re happy to provide that, as well. Cost: FREE

7. Add-ons & Services
Last but hardly least, you will get free licenses to use any Hop add-on for as long as you’re a Hop Studios client. You also get free use of and licenses for all of the many add-ons and services that Hop Studios has umbrella contracts for… ask us for details. Cost: FREE

We used to offer these reports automatically once a year, but found some clients wanted them but on a different schedule. Now we make them available at your request.

If you are a current client and want to schedule any of the Client Care reports, please get in touch.  All reports include a 30-minute meeting to go over the results.

If you’re not a Hop Studios client yet… what are you waiting for?

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