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Code Reviews & Audits

There are two reasons a site needs a code audit: because it’s new, or because it’s old.

When a site is brand new—when it still has that “new site” smell—you can be forgiven for not looking to closely under the hood, at the tangled, tortured spaghetti code that forms its foundation.

But new sites often have been launched in a hurry. They might use the latest, untested add-ons or custom code created from an imprecise specification.

It might have unreported bugs simply because it hasn’t been used enough for edge case problem situations to crop up.

On the other hand, when a site is old… when it has gone through several developers, perhaps several web hosts… when it has been upgraded and upgraded again, and there are exceptions in the code that are no longer relevant and there are new features in your CMS that is straining the old code’s capabilities…

That’s when a code review can do you a world of good.

Hop Studios will review your whole site, assess what code should be left as is, what should be removed, what should be re-written. We look for security concerns, compatibility issues, and we’ll give you peace of mind about your code—whether it’s custom written or an add-on that you’d like to have vetted.

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