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Content Management Systems

Any decent modern website is going to be built on a content management system, otherwise known as a CMS.  A content management system will give you, the site owner, the ability to add pages and photos, to edit and change text, to add new events and blog posts, without having to know all the nitty gritty details of administering your website.

A content management system used to be expensive, difficult to setup and keep running, and awkward to use.  But today’s modern CMSs, such as ExpressionEngine and Craft, are much better, cheaper, and easier to use.

We’ll set up and train you on how to use your site’s CMS, so you can update your site when you want to, without having to pay us for incremental site modifications.

Of course, with the money you save, we hope you’ll ask us to spend time improving the functionality of your website, adding new features and streamlining what’s there.  But you could also use the money you’ve saved to buy a set of solid gold taps for your bathroom.  It’s up to you.

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