Why Hop?


The ever-so-popular WordPress content management system is free and easy to use. For many, its attraction is that it is the first CMS they encountered, and that they can get a website running right “out of the box.”

But maybe that’s not enough for your needs. Maybe you want more than what WordPress does at the outset.

Maybe you want custom data types, complex workflows, integration with a POS or CRM system… and you’ve hit the limit of your own Wordpress skills, or you’ve outgrown your local tech support.

Open source doesn’t have to mean unsupported. Talk to us and we’ll give you the help you need, when you need it.

Design a custom WordPress theme unique to your brand and content.

Migrate your existing site into WordPress (or out of it 😉 with a strong technical partner who can nail the details the first time.

Or perhaps you want just need some advice on choosing the plugins that will work best for you. Whatever your WordPress site needs, we have Wordpress dedicated developers who can help!

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