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Web Project Management

If we had to pick one thing we really excel at, we’d ask you what you needed most, and then if you said, “project management,” we’d say, “Yeah! That’s what we’re best at.” 

But it’s true.

It’s hard to keep a web project on track and on budget. Somehow, though, we’ve been creating successful websites for 15 years.  So we’ve already made many mistakes.  But never have we made them twice.  Take advantage of our experience.

If you already have a designer or a developer picked out, we can provide the other half of your sandwich. Or if you want a website that includes videos, mapping, search engine optimization, contests, social network feeds, forums, an app or two, registration, ecommerce, advertising, and email newsletters—all built by different sources—we can be the single point of contact for your project, co-ordinating and cajoling the various specialists you’ll need.

Let us take care of the details, and make your idea grow into a great site.  Trust Hop Studios’ project management expertise.

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