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Silverstripe CMS

Silverstripe CMS is an intuitive content management system and flexible framework that was quite popular about a decade ago but suffers from not being all that popular these days.

Hop Studios is no stranger to CMSs that are effective, interesting, and not all that popular these days 😉 and we do Silverstripe development work for tricky or neglected SilverStripe sites.

If there’s a particular bit of functionality you want for your site that no add-on exists for, and you need a module or extension or API-connector built that does exactly what you need, we can build custom SilverStripe code and give you the solutions that you need.

If you need an upgrade to PHP 8, to Silverstripe 4, to switch hosting, or just to have an expert answer for you if it’s officially Silverstripe or SilverStripe, come talk to us.

We have an efficient, effective process for building new functionality quickly, to your specifications, within your budget.

We help you scope your requirements clearly, and make sure you aren’t over-paying, or over-building, but we also create code that will last, and that leaves the proper room for growth.

Think of it as us delivering the right-sized glass filled with the right amount of drink—and it’s the correct beverage, too.

Hop Studios: A cool glass of water.

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