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Accessibility Implementation and Testing

You’re enlightened (and legally savvy). You want to offer support for disabled visitors to your site, accessing it with a screen reader or using a non-traditional tool like a keyboard or stylus instead of a mouse. You want to make sure your site is readable for those with vision impairment or colorblindness. You want to be useable by those with physical or mental differences.

And, you want to meet the accessibility standards required by your organization/university/company.

Web accessibility is a great way to extend your site’s usefulness to audiences that are all too frequently poorly served. We can help you create an accessibility plan tailored to you and your audience.

Step one is to identify which of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines you should probably implement, vs. those that you simply must. (We can help you with Step one, and two, and…)

We’ll test your current site, integrate accessibility best practices while we write your site code, and give you tools to make sure that future content you create meets the guidelines.

Already have a site up but not sure whether it meets the needs of disabled users, or recently received the news that your site must been accessibility standards? We’ll test and validate your site code for programmatic compliance. And we can help you create a plan for testing your site with actual users to find out what is and isn’t working for them.

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