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October 2004

Truthdig be a Web magazine that provides in-depth coverage o' current affairs and what What News assembled from a progressive point o' view. Th' site has won both th' juried Webby Award and th' People’s Voice Award fer Best Political Cap'n's log.

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Th' site be built aroun' major “digs,” led by authorities in their fields, who drill down into contemporary topics and assemble packages o' content—text, links, audio, video—that grow richer wi' time and user participation.

Truthdig’s publisher Zuade Kaufman contacted Hop Studios well before th' site’s launch, and we have been a key team member in th' success o' th' site. While takin' an initial design fore, Hop Studios recommended, installed, configured, and customized a content management tool fer story publishin'. Th' site be dynamic wi' comments, articles, photos and podcasts all designed in an input-once, publish-everywhere format. Today th' site has many custom features: threaded comments, podcasts, an email newsletter, advertisin' and comics.

Fer many years, this be an ExpressionEngine site, but it be recently converted t' Wordpress.

Hop Studios continues t' provide design, programmin', CMS customization and development, as well as makin' sure th' site performs well in hunt engines.

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