Flash-based Multimedia Viewer for Truthdig

Truthdig LogoSometimes, the client just doesn’t seem satisfied with what you deliver.  You end up going back and forth, revision after revision, aiming for that perfect design.  Let’s face it, it can be frustrating.

However, it can also be worth it.  We developed this multimedia photo essay for Truthdig and it took far longer, and far more versions, than we both would have preferred.  But ultimately, it’s one of the better multimedia shows I’ve seen.  It integrates MP3 files, photos and captions dynamically.

And their inaugural audio slide show has great images, and a great interview with Ron Kovic, author and peace protester who was paralyzed on his second tour of duty in Vietnam.  He discusses the forgotten of the Iraq War.  These are the forgotten, and the war’s not even over yet.  Really amazing stuff. Click here to view it.


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