Our Add-Ons Are EE4 Ready

We’re super excited about the release of ExpressionEngine 4. It’s polished, powerful, and elegant. We’re also pleased to announce that almost all of Hop Studios’ add-ons are ready to start using today with EE4.

  • Mountee: Ready
  • Edit This: Ready
  • Feed URL: Ready (can’t believe it’s still needed!)
  • Hop 404 Reporter: Ready
  • Hop Listifier: Ready
  • HopSuite: Ready
  • Hop Weather: Ready
  • Hop Super Texter: Ready
  • Hop Privateer: Rrrrready
  • Hop New Relic: Ready
  • Hop Inject: Ready but less frequently needed in EE4 due to its new “fluid fields”
  • Hop Super Pulldown: Ready
  • Hop Fasta: Ready
  • Deeploy Helper: Ready
  • Hop Limit Login: Ready
  • AWS Products: Ready

If there are any others you’d like to see updated, just drop us a line and we’ll get that particular one taken care of for you as well.


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