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Current Version: 3.0

Use Your Favourite Tools

Why be limited to creating templates in ExpressionEngine's <textarea>? Mountee allows you to access your templates as Mac Finder files, so you can work uninterrupted in your favorite coding app.

Work With Files & Folders

Creating a new template or template group is as easy as creating a new file or folder. Develop your own set of re-usable templates and groups, then simply drag them into your Mountee drive to kick-start your next project.

Don't Let The Control Panel Disrupt Your Workflow

Even with ExpressionEngine's file syncing feature, creating files and changing file settings requires logging in and out repeatedly. With Mountee's File Preferences panel you can control template attributes -- like caching and PHP processing -- directly from your editing app of choice.

Mountee Works Behind The Scenes

Mountee knows ExpressionEngine. It allows you to edit snippets and global variables as files. When you save a template, Mountee clears the cache and saves a revision if necessary. Drag a template from one site to another, and PHP and caching settings will also transfer over seamlessly.

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