All Hop Studios’ Add-Ons Are Now EE6 Ready!

We're ready for EE6!

On March 22, 2021, Hop Studios joined ExpressionEngine’s 90-Day Plan to bring extra value to the ExpressionEngine community. Our pledge was to make more than a dozen Hop Studios ExpressionEngine add-ons compatible with ExpressionEngine 6. And today they are indeed ready! (Actually, 90 days later is Sunday. We’re three days early; these ducks are such eager beavers.)

Hop Studios is committed to serving clients engaged in “doing good.” Hop seeks to support those organizations and individuals whose primary purpose is creating a sustainable, inclusive and progressive world.

Our mission at Hop Studios has always been to make sure that our clients’ websites are in top condition every day of the year. We want our clients’ visitors to have the best possible experience, at any time, on any device.

So it’s only natural that we took this opportunity to serve all the developers and designers that are part of the ExpressionEngine community — and all the creators and users of the websites built on ExpressionEngine — by making sure our add-ons work well for this newest version of ExpressionEngine. Not running EE6 yet? All EE6 versions of our add-ons will also work in EE5, and many in EE 4, 3, perhaps 2, and god help us a few in EE 1.

Of course, we didn’t simply ensure compatibility of our add-ons in EE6. What developer can resist the chance to add new features and standardize code while the hood is up? Your favorite add-on might just surprise you with what it can now do.

These are the Hop Studios add-ons you can start using with your EE6 site today:

Hop 404 Reporter

Hop 404 Reporter will alert you to 404 errors happening on your website—which will help your site look good in search engines and satisfy your site visitors. And we added a setup wizard to help you get this working automagically! (If you know of any other add-ons with setup wizards, we’d love to compare notes…)

Illustration of a web page publish button sending content to a mobile device displaying the Apple News iconHop Apple News

Publish to Apple News automatically, directly from ExpressionEngine, and administer the stories there. This add-on takes care of the HTML -> JSON -> API heavy lifting for you.

A robotic arm picks up a book on a bookshelf next to a website product pageHop AWS Products

Generate affiliate links by searching the entire Amazon product catalog dynamically by keyword, or linking to particular items. Display results on your page with live updating prices, images and product details. Tie items to your affiliate account and get paid for your links to Amazon. As part of this update, we made the add-on more robust when handling product variants and images, and more graceful when handling searches that don’t return expected results.

Hop Deeploy Helper

Manage all your site’s settings, paths and URLs easily with Hop Deeploy Helper! This add-on puts all EE’s distributed server configuration settings on one page for ease of verification and modification. If you’ve ever forgotten to update a file upload path or channel path during a rollout, this add-on is for you. This update also identifies settings that are hardcoded in config.php so you can more easily find what to fix where.

Hop Edit This

Hop Edit This lets logged in site admins easily link from front-end pages to specific pages in the control panel, like the Entry Edit screen for instance, a real time-saver for content creators. Our update makes Hop Edit This compatible with the groovy new Member Roles implemented in EE6.

Hop Fasta

Add a “Quick Update” AJAX button to the Template editor to speed up your workflow and reduce errors. This one has been helping us with template editing all the way back to EE1.

Hop Inject

Hop Inject “injects” blocks of content into other blocks of content in dynamic ways that not even Grid or Fluid Field can do. If you’ve ever wished you could put one field’s value (like an podcast blurb or an image with caption) into the middle of another block of content (like a bio or a body field), you can… with Hop Inject. Want an ad after every fourth paragraph, but don’t want ad code in your entries? Inject it!

Hop Introvert

With EE, it’s easy to create a relationship from one entry to another.  But sometimes you’d like to know which entries already have relationships with this one? Wonder no more. Also helps you find out where a field is already in use.

Hop Minifizer

Minimize, combine & cache your HTML, CSS, SASS (yep!) and JS files. Small is beautiful.

Hop PrivatEEr

Avast ye landlubbers! Make yer website talk like a pirate, on Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19) or on any day of the yearrrr…

  A rubber duck with a trumpetHop PushEE

Keep in touch with your site visitors by sending opt-in, browser-based push notifications. Great for time-sensitive communication.

Hop Social Suite

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all offer embeddable Javascript widgets you can use to display posts and tweets on your own website. But they are hard to style, leak privacy, and maybe you want to display updates from several services intermingled in the same space. Sounds like you need Hop Social Suite.

Hop Super Pulldown

EE’s standard select (pulldown) menu field makes it easy to enter known, common, uniform data. But wouldn’t it be nice if your content editors could also dynamically add to the menu as they work? With Hop Super Pulldown, they can!

A duck with a speech balloon that reads 'hop super texter send sms messages via twilio'Hop Super Texter

If you’d like to send an SMS from ExpressionEngine, there’s one simple solution. Hop Super Texter integrates with a third-party service called Twilio that makes sending text messages a snap.

Hop Weather

Display current and forecasted weather conditions from on your website.

We hope you enjoy!


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