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Hop PushEE

Current Version: 3.0.3

Say it with browser notifications!
(They aren’t as sexy as roses, but they may be more effective.)

Hop PushEE is perfect for publishers, stores, service providers, and anyone else with an announcement to make. It’s perfect for those who want to nudge previous website visitors with the latest breaking news or a special offer.

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Hop PushEE helps you to create and publish notifications directly from the comfort of your EE entry screen. Once visitors opt-in to receive your notifications, sending one is as easy as selecting from a drop-down. With Hop PushEE, you can also target specific groups of visitors with different types of notifications. Each notification can include an image, title, summary and it will link to any page on your web site.

Hop PushEE requires you to sign up with OneSignal (currently a free service). It uses their API to send the notification via multiple channels as soon as you save your EE entry. Notifications can be received by Chrome, Firefox and Safari (desktop versions), and even can reach the iOS or Android platforms (if you have an app there already).

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