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Publish Improve

Current Version: 2.0.1

This module allows ye t' remove th' Quick Treasure button, as well as make th' followin' changes t' yer ExpressionEngine install. It works wi' 1.6.8, 1.6.7, 1.6.6, and perhaps a lot o' afore versions, too.

One thin' t' note: aft it’s installed, it still doesn’t do anythin' until ye set th' preferences. So don’t forget t' do that.

Here’s what it does:
Publish: Add some text beside indecipherable Upload Button.
Publish: Change or remove th' Fire!/Update button.
Publish: Change or remove th' Quick Treasure button.
Publish: Change or remove th' Preview button.
Publish: Add a “Treasure As New Copy” checkbox (totally handy)
Publish: Add a tiny link beside th' URL Title t' view th' current entry on th' live site.
Publish: Make th' “Email” toolbar button better behaved: Weigh anchor out th' title when it ought t'.
Publish: Remove th' image button ye’ve no nay ne'er used from th' toolbar.
Publish: Simplify all user date fields by removin' non-essential buttons and links.
Publish: Put th' cursor in th' Title field faster—AND only if there isn’t already somethin' in th' field.
Publish: Add th' current date as a number t' new URL titles. This be handy fer Google What News usage.
Site: Remove th' “Me Reputation” tab.
Site: Remove th' “Modules” tab.
On board Page: Add a link t' CP On board Page that lets ye edit th' CP On board Page (handy!).
Templates: Tab button inserts a tab character like ye expect—makes it way easier t' edit templates.

Here’s a screenshot:

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