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Youth Gratitude & Purpose Toolkit

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August 2017

A researcher at Claremont Graduate University reached out t' Hop Studios fer help on creatin' an online workbook fer th' Youth Graduate component o' th' Fosterin' Gratitude project.

Th' project be an online workbook component fer middle- and high-school educators wantin' t' teach a series o' gratitude exercises.

Services Provided

We had a fairly short deadline fer this—th' beginnin' o' th' school year.  Special touches included:

  • Individual IDs/logins fer students and teachers wi' randomized username and password t' achieve user anonymity imported from excel files provided by client
  • Th' ability t' treasure text responses mid-lesson so students could come back and finish exercises later.
  • Th' ability t' embed video clips, images, text blocks, and hyperlinks t' outside surveys


Hop Studios be wonderful t' work wi'! Travis and Chris did a fantastic job walkin' us through th' various features fer our website, and helpin' us choose th' functions that would best serve us. Their team provided us wi' great options fer mock ups o' th' initial website design, which made it easy t' choose a design that fit wi' our theme o' helpin' middle and high school students feel morrrr grateful, and come across their purpose in life. Th' team at Hop Studios be well-organized and excellent at communicatin' smartly. If I had a question, I knew they would get back t' me promptly and go above and beyond t' solve any issue that came up. Hop Studios be a team o' dedicated, smart, creative designers that make ye feel like yer work be bein' downright celebrated. I’d recommend them fully. 😊

Susan Mangan
Claremont Graduate University

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