Youth Gratitude & Purpose Toolkit Story

Claremont Graduate University researcher Susan Mangan reached out to Hop Studios in August 2017 for help on creating an online toolkit, and she needed that help in a hurry! Susan had created a series of exercises for youth teachers that was part of the Greater Good in Action Fostering Gratitude project, and they needed to be online before the beginning of the school year .. just weeks away.

Our job was to turn the exercises into an interactive online workbook for middle- and high-school educators planning on incorporating gratitude practices in the classroom. With one month to get the workbook designed, coded, and working, we put on the coffee and ... then we drank a lot of it.

Each of the 10 exercises contains video, images, quizzes, text, and sometimes links to outside surveys. Students completing the exercises don’t have to finish each one all at once—responses can be saved mid-lesson so students can come back and finish up later.

The biggest challenge of the project was creating individual logins for students and teachers that allowed them to complete the exercises anonymously. Using data provided in Excel format, we set up a system to generate randomized usernames and passwords for each of the desired participants, students and teachers alike.

We met the deadline and Susan met hers. The result is an easy-to-use, and (dare we say) fun, toolkit. I’d say we fostered a little gratitude of our own here. [wink]


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