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January 2020

Peg Leg Films is a tiny production company that makes socially conscious films to inspire big personal action.

Hop Studios was also lucky to work with Peg Leg on the website for their documentary film This Mountain Life.

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Services Provided

Most of the sites we work on are complex enough that they need a custom design and content management system, but for some sites it’s much more efficient to start with an existing template and tweak it to suit the project. That was exactly the case for Peg Leg Films, who needed a portfolio website to feature their work and wonderful documentary films.

For Peg Leg we decided on Squarespace, a website building platform that offers pre-built templates, content and functionality blocks, forms, and more. We began by selecting an existing template and then built layouts from the block elements already available in the system. With a little creative finessing, the result is a portfolio site with a page for each film and information about Peg Leg itself.

Squarespace is designed so that you choose from their pre-existing pieces of functionality, and then customize everything from page width, logo height, font choices, and site color palette. The result is quick to build, but still has a unique look and feel, and can be maintained easily with Squarespace’s WYSIWYG interface.

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