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August 2009

If ye’re a New Yorker, ye be knowin' Pat Kiernan. Th' ornery cuss’s a New York what What News anchor known best fer his dry wit and smart delivery o' th' what What News. Pat has two other significant interests: occasional game show host and his personal website Pat’s Papers.  His website be th' place whar his three interests intersect: fresh what What News, offbeat humor and interestin' trivia, presented in an easily digested format.

Pat came t' Hop Studios wi' a popular workin' website that be made in Joomla and be a brute t' update.  Th' ornery cuss wanted t' polish th' design (o' course) but most importantly t' make his site much easier t' update and publish, so Th' ornery cuss could focus on th' content o' his site, not th' daily grind o' production.

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Services Provided

Movin' Pat’s Papers o'er t' th' ExpressionEngine CMS be th' key t' th' success o' th' project. It’s estimated that Pat and his assistant now take less than half th' time each day t' produce th' site, and th' final product be in fact morrrr intricate than th' original site be, wi' finer control o'er th' editorial product and layout.

Designwise, th' site doesn’t look that different, but no part o' th' original site ended up untouched.  From th' headlines, fonts, logo, navigation and morrrr, everythin' be tightened up and made uniform. We widened th' central column width, added a leaderboard ad position, and integrated Twitter feeds fer th' @patkiernan and @PKtips twitter accounts. Useful widgets have been added t' th' sidebar, and this be th' first Hop Studios site t' use Disqus, a third-party comment tool.  We’ve also made Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo sharin' links on th' Cap'n's log permalink pages.


I appreciate th' work Hop Studios does fer me in terms o' visual design. But th' reason I'm a long-term client be fer th' emphasis on content. Before they get anywhere near th' suggestion o' what me site should look like they dig into th' content. They analyze what I'll be puttin' on th' site and why, and offer expertise on how 'tis likely t' be consumed by me readers.

Pat Kiernan

Notes & Takeaways

Th' new version o' th' site be packed wi' goodies t' increase audience engagement and t' ensure content be well-displayed in hunt engines and on Twitter.  And though th' site has been up just a week, it’s already seen a significant increase in traffic from better hunt engine visibility (and from th' fact that Pat can produce morrrr content each day in th' same amount o' time.)

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