Daily News in Bite-Sized Chunks: Pat’s Papers

If you’re like me and you hate sifting through the daily news for the good stuff, well, do I have a site for you!

Pat’s Papers is a site run by New York-based news anchor Pat Kiernan, with the tag line of “Smartly selected US newspaper stories.” Pat and his staff sift through the day’s news headlines and bring you the top stories of the day all bundled up in the form of Pat’s Picks..

We recently completed work on Pat’s Papers that includes tweaks to the design to widen the news column width, and added icons for sharing content through top social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The biggest change to the site is in the back end with the addition of the ExpressionEngine CMS to power the site and make adding new content a cinch.

You can subscribe to Pat’s Papers newletter, read the blog, or follow @PatKiernan on Twitter to get all the daily headlines.


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