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Ascent Employment Law believes the needs of you and your workplace are not cookie-cutter, and that your legal solutions shouldn’t be either. Richard, David and Trevor formed Ascent Employment Law on the promise of helping their clients get to a better place; to rise above and beyond their employment issues.

Hop Studios worked with Ascent to launch their website in tandem with the openng of their new practice.

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Ascent tapped Hop Studios for help in establishing their initial web presence. Like so many small businesses, Ascent wanted a professional, polished look, and also the ability to make changes and edits with a minimum of fuss.

Our first task was to choose the right CMS. We often recommend either ExpressionEngine or the Craft CMS to our clients, since both of those tools are just tops for custom, complex websites. But in this case, those tools were considerably more than what was necessary for Ascent — akin to buying a fully loaded RV that sleeps 8 when what you really need is a spritely, efficient commuter car. Both will get you to the office, but the latter will do it with a lot less expense and be easier to park. 😉

This was our first time working with Squarespace Scheduling, which is actually the Acuity Scheduling product completely integrated with the Squarespace backend. Scheduling software can be pretty complex — so many settings! — but Squarespace has done a good job of guiding users with instructional text in the backend, and very thorough documentation.

Working with Richard Johnson, Ascent’s co-founder and partner, we put together a website that highlights this friendly and approachable team’s style with many website “usual suspects”: information about Ascent’s services, an about us page, and an employment law blog.


Ascent Employment Law worked with Hop on the creation of a brand new site. From start to finish, Hop was incredibly attentive to our input and needs, and worked to see our vision come to life. They were prompt, caring and a delight to work with. We would highly recommend them.

Richard Johnson
Ascent Employment Law

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