Ascent Employment Law Launches Their New Website

Image showing the Ascent home page on tablet and mobile phone

We do of course love redesigns and updates, but it’s still a total thrill when we get to design a completely new website for a completely new business!

Ascent Employment Law is a novel law firm that opened its doors in late 2020. They focus on serving those who need assistance with employment law issues with humanity, honesty, and professionalism.

Ascent tapped Hop Studios for help in establishing their web presence. They were seeking a professional, polished look, but also wanted the ability to make changes and edits with a minimum of fuss.

Our first task was to choose the right CMS.

For complex websites that need custom functionality, we often recommend either ExpressionEngine or the Craft CMS to our clients, since both of those tools are just tops for that. But in this case, those tools were considerably more than what was necessary for Ascent — akin to buying a fully loaded Recreational Vehicle when what you really need is a spritely, efficient commuter car. Both will get you to the office, but the latter will do it with a lot less expense and be easier to park. 😉

So we recommended the hosted website service called Squarespace for Ascent’s small team and functionality needs. Squarespace has a WYSIWYG interface that is ideal for non-technical content creators, and Ascent also signed up for the Squarespace Scheduling tool for easy client booking.

Working closely with Richard Johnson, Ascent’s co-founder and partner, we put together a website that presents the friendly and approachable style of the new firm and has many of the website “usual suspects”: information about Ascent’s services, an about us page, and an employment law blog.

This was our first time working with Squarespace Scheduling, which is actually the Acuity Scheduling engine that has been completely integrated with the Squarespace backend. Scheduling software can be pretty complex — so many settings! — but Squarespace has done a good job of guiding administrators with instructional text and very thorough documentation.

A big advantage to putting together a website in Squarespace is how it shortens the length of the project. Because so many standardized web page elements are available to add with a couple of clicks, it is very quick to put together an attractive website — just the thing for a new business that wants to get started right away!

It was a pleasure to work with Richard and the Ascent team, and we wish them well as they begin their new practice. We at Hop can attest to just how kind and conscientious these folks are to work with.


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