Would You Eat This? Well, How About That?

image The question behind our latest client site is, “what would you eat?” is a food sharing community site based on the same concepts as, but instead of rating photos of cute guys or girls, people are asked to rate the desirability of food pictures on a scale of 1 to 10. Four students enrolled in the Master’s Program at the University of Southern California came to us to help them with their final thesis project.  They were tasked with building a community site to engage food lovers around the world to share photos of meals or food items and to comment about their best or worst dining experiences.

The site runs on ExpressionEngine with plenty of modules installed, such as favoriting, rating, and tagging to make the site interesting and interactive. Users have the ability to “Mobilize Your Eats” because the site is also set up to receive photos via email—so you can snap a shot with your cell phone before you chow down.  (We also looked at doing direct SMS / MMS submission, but shelved that for lack of time before the initial launch.)

Design inspiration was taken from the look of classic diners, and the site background features a popular pattern called “skylark” often used on formica countertops in diners of the 50’s and 60’s.

Hop Studios doesn’t often get an actual grade on the websites it does, but I’m told we did extremely well this time, passing with honors. The next step will be to further build the community and upload a wider variety of food photos. We’d love to see how other people feel about duck feet…


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