World Hum Relaunch

I’m proud to announce today’s relaunch of World Hum.  World Hum is a travel journalism website with a small staff and a high volume of content in text and pictures.

Their previous site was a noble effort, appearing in May 2001 with “four stories, no photos and no long-term plan beyond publishing travel narratives that [they] liked.”

They had a home-rolled database powering the site, photos, a haphazard set of stylesheets, and the desire to do a lot more.  They were limited by the tool in several ways, and needed to get a better handle on their content, their popularity, and so on.  They came to Hop Studios to get our expertise on content management, search engine optimization, dynamic design, and the latest web technologies such as blogs and CSS.

We moved them onto a much better, more robust publishing platform (ExpressionEngine), migrated their mailing list, helped them build new site content features, moved them to a faster server, got comments running natively, and gave them a new logo and look, of course.

Some of their new features:

  • an RSS feed

  • moderated comment system

  • site search

  • ads

  • categorization of blog items

  • better file uploading

  • an administrative interface that is easy to add new authors to, easy to post stories, and easy to control the server options

    After several months work in migrating and testing, the new site looks, and works, fabulous.

    Jim and Michael, congrats, and we hope your site continues to excel.

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