We’ve Added an Accent to Our Office

Louis DekeisterHop Studios has added a new accent to our office.  Not a color—a voice, attached to a developer.  His name is Louis Dekeister, and he joins us from France.  Ooh la la!

He’s a top-notch PHP developer with experience in several content management systems and a love for clear, readable code. He has just moved to Vancouver from across the pond, and so far seems to be enjoying our rustic native lifestyle.

We expect that Louis will do great things, not the least of which will be helping with the growing client roster here at Hop Studios. We also hope to increase our add-on development - breadth and depth of features, and to offer a broader range of services, such as e-commerce, app development and additional Web marketing and SEO work.

Take a peek at our staff page for a glimpse of Louis (and the rest of us)!


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