Website Redesign: Adolescent Development Lab at UCLA

The Adolescent Development Lab at UCLA exists to generate knowledge about the development of youth from diverse ethnic and immigrant backgrounds, and to understand the interaction between social and biological development as it relates to behavior.

This fall we worked with Andrew Fuligni, director of the Adolescent Development Lab at UCLA, to do a complete overhaul of the program’s website, from code to logo. In addition, we also moved the site out of Drupal and into the Craft content management system. The resulting backend interface is intuitive and easy for staff to use, with tools to make adding new research citations and news stories about the program a breeze.

Andrew wanted a website that was clean, modern, and professional, but not too slick—he didn’t want the site to look more corporate than youth-focused. It wasn’t just the website that needed to be reinterpreted—we also worked together on a new logo that attractively conveys the program’s purpose.

Other fun graphic flourishes are found in the word map on the home page, and the interactive presentation of publication citations.


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