Website Health and Wellness at the Santa Monica Wellness Center

The Santa Monica Wellness Center came to us with a website badly in need of an overhaul. Everything was out of date - design, functionality, as well as the ability to reach clients effectively. Their site design had last been updated in 2001, which is a REALLY long time on the internet and things have changed dramatically in that timeframe. (Though we did enjoy the ocean sound that played when the splash page loaded.)

A major issue for staff of the center was having to go through an external webmaster to make any changes to the site, which was frustrating and inefficient. They also had an unhappy relationship with their previous webmaster which left them feeling like they didn’t have control over their own site. This made switching the domain and moving the site to a new provider awkward. It was like navigating through a messy breakup, but fortunately we made it through.

The new site is built with ExpressionEngine which allows the control the staff so badly wanted to easily make changes and add new content as needed. The design of the site is bright, colourful, sophisticated and incorporates twitter and a blog for direct engagement of their clients. Current and new clients of the Santa Monica Wellness Center can now make inquiries through the site, as well as enjoy the excellent resources for health and well-being they make available on their website.

Physician, consider thy site healed.


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