We Recommend for Web Hosting

In our proposals, we almost always recommend for Web hosting.  Why? Simply put: because they respond quickly, every time we contact them.

Not just some of the time, not with a lame response and then a 6 hour wait for a real response.  They fix the problem and get back to us within about 5 minutes or less, or they respond right away and then dig in and fix the problem as soon as you can possibly imagine.  They’ve done this day and night for years, and it’s the number one reason we choose them.

We also like that they’re friendly and affordable—not the cheapest Web hosting out there, but cheaper than most.

Nexcess promises, if I remember correctly, 99.5% uptime on shared hosting, which is only about 4 hours a month down time, and they over-perform regularly.  That’s pretty darn good, and for the low rates they charge, it’s excellent.  If you happen to need higher uptime than that, they can arrange for that as well, for a decent price.

They do virtual private servers, managed servers, clustered servers, and we haven’t seen a significant outage from them in years.  Their control panel is one of the best I’ve used (not the best, but darn close). And they offer all the latest Web technologies.  We’ve hosted ExpressionEngine, Movable Type, WordPress, MediaWiki, phpBB, phpList, OpenX/OpenAds and all sorts of other software there, and it’s handled it all.  The only thing they don’t offer, oddly, is true SFTP—we use a tunneled secure FTP instead, and it’s all fine, but it’s an odd omission from their otherwise stellar offerings.

In fewer words: has our trust, and we appreciate their dedication and their support as Hop Studios has grown.

I’m recommending them today because we’ve been using them for years and it’s time we gave them their props.

If want more information, click one of the following links to visit their site.  If you end up signing up for a new account from this link,  we get a cut. If you use this link, we don’t—it’s up to you.




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