Hop Studios Is Now a B.C. Benefit Company

It’s exceedingly rare that the phrases “with great excitement” and “we’ve changed our company’s corporate status” go together, but today they do! We are greatly excited to announce that Hop Studios is now a registered British Columbia Benefit Company!

Wondering what a Benefit Company is all about? A Benefit Company is defined in British Columbia as a for-profit company that officially commits to two things: conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable way, and promoting public benefits. These benefits may positively impact a wide range of groups, from local communities and organizations to the environment at large. The idea of a Benefit Company is relatively new in B.C. – a company here couldn’t even choose to be a Benefit Company before June 2020.

At Hop Studios, we have always been driven to use our talents to support clients in their efforts to make their communities better places. Becoming a Benefit Company is a natural evolution and an affirmation of our vision and mission.

Being a Benefit Company doesn’t change any of our existing relationships. What it does do is reflect our strong and ever-growing commitment to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner that considers the impact of our actions on all the places and people we connect with, including clients, vendors, and our very own team.

You might also have heard of a B Corp, which is different than a Benefit Company. While both share similar values, B Corp is a non-governmental certification that’s much more challenging to achieve – and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for next! 🎯

We are excited to share our progress with you as we embark on this new chapter!

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