Volaris Group CMS Upgrades

Volaris Group came to Hop Studios with a family of sites running in ExpressionEngine, some using Multiple Site Manager. As part of a process of thorough optimization and cleanup, we needed to move some of the sites to new servers and set them up with their own domains and content management system installs. Volaris was also looking for a new hosting partner that could meet their security standards.

For this work, we:

  • Researched and recommended suitable hosting solutions
  • Migrated sites to new hosting environments
  • Upgraded ExpressionEngine 2.9 to the latest version (several times)
  • Split two sites out of Multiple Site Manager and moved them to their own ExpressionEngine installs
  • Assessed all add-ons for compatibility issues; updated or found replacements for those that needed it
  • Did a major cleanup of the content management system to remove defunct channels, templates, categories, fields, members, server directories and files
'They buy and sell. We hold and grow forever.' -Volaris

Sometimes at Hop we talk about work being “sexy” or not. No, we’re not over here ranking website GIFs hot-or-not! What we mean when we describe a project as “sexy” is that we get to do something that is exciting, unusual, something that we can brag about (with the right crowd). The work described above might sound to you like it falls firmly in the not sexy category, but that’s where you’d be wrong!

Deep cleaning up a CMS install, removing “gigs” (GBs) of old files from a server, tidying up and commenting messy config files, deleting redundant templates and making everything shipshape—oh my gosh, SO SEXY! Call us crazy, but when you spend your days working in virtual spaces, getting a client who sees the value of cleaning up the normal cruft that naturally accumulates over the lifespan of a website really is a thrill.

After a thorough spring cleaning, Volaris Group is now in the best possible shape to move forward with confidence and efficiency as they add more sites and functions to their online collection!


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