Use Hop Introvert to Make Field Updates Go Smoothly

In May we introduced you to our ExpressionEngine add-on Hop Introvert, a handy tool that improves the Entry Edit page by revealing which entries are related to the entry you are editing, whether they are connected by a Relationship field, Relationships in a Grid field, by Playa, or by Playa in Matrix fields. It’s simple but superbly useful to content creators and editors.

This month we’ve expanded the functionality (but not the price!) of Hop Introvert by adding a new feature developers will love. Now when Hop Introvert is installed, the ExpressionEngine field creation and editing area gets extra information as well.

Simply install Hop Introvert, and open an existing field in your control panel. Scroll down to the bottom of the field and you can now see exactly which field groups and channels are using that field before you make changes that might have wide-reaching effects:

The field editing screen of ExpressionEngine with information from Hop Introvert

Installing Hop Introvert adds this feature to all fields. Any ExpressionEngine developer will recognize the value of this information, especially on complex sites with many fields in use across multiple channels!

Hop Introvert is available for $10, and free to any client of Hop Studios. Enjoy!


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