Two SXSW Panels from Hop Studios: Help Us Get Picked

This year Hop Studios is in fine form because we managed to get two panel proposals in for the SXSW Interactive Festival in 2009. We think both would make interesting sessions for attendees, but we need help getting the panels on the final schedule. SXSW (one of the biggest Web conferences each year) lets attendees vote on all the panel submissions they receive in order to determine what gets covered during the festival. So, if you like our ideas, we’d love for you to visit the SXSW Interactive Panel Picker and vote for our sessions.. Here’s what we proposed:

Newspaper Websites Don’t Have to Be Awful
Dig into the toolbox used by web designers who specialize in newspapers, magazines, and news blogs. See how they handle online publishing needs: dynamic and archived content, community building, advertising, editorial flow, deadlines, and breaking news. A nitty-gritty breakdown of the many technical tools available for today’s news publishers.


Micromafia: Building a Local Small Business Support Network
No small business is an island. When your business is only a couple of people, you desperately need advice and support, but most networking groups are too big. Explore an easy-to-implement, innovative way to collaborate with local entrepreneurs in a focused, how-we-built-it presentation based on chapters in Vancouver and Seattle.

If you wouldn’t mind—and if you think these would make good panels—please vote for them.  Go click on the panel picker, login (quick and free), and vote.  You can even vote if you’re not attending SXSW.



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