Transforming Metamorphosis

MetamorphosisDon’t get me wrong—the USC Annenberg School for Communication’s Metamorphosis research project had a website. It was just pretty darn old (and infested with a bad case of pop-up frenzy) so when the team at Metamorphosis came to Hop Studios wanting a redesign, we were happy to oblige.

One of the “fun” challenges with academic sites is incorporating the school’s branding while creating a unique identity for the website. For Metamorphosis, this meant keeping some top bar branding and the USC logo, and then creating a site underneath it that had its own look and feel.

Metamorphosis has long been challenged to explain themselves quickly to website visitors, and we decided to approach the topic with an animated explanation of just what these researchers were up to. Visitors to the site can jump quickly to a topic of subject that interests them, or catch up with Metamorphosis with the What’s New blog.

Like so many research projects, Meta faculty have published a number of books, papers, and other pieces. We worked with them to create a common organizational system so that papers were sorted onto pages of the same topic, but also accessible by type of publication.

With the addition of some nice image maps of regions and research techniques, this site is a big step forward for anyone trying to grasp what Metamorphosis is up to.

On a special note, thanks to a motivated and organized website project leader on Metamorphosis’ side, this was one of our smoothest projects ever. If only they all came together so naturally!

Visit the new Metamorphosis website.


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