Thomas Paul Fine Art Relaunches

One of our long-time clients had us redo his site recently.  It’s now got a spectacular new set of features, an elegant design (not that it wasn’t pretty nice before), and it’s all powered by a system that lets him make his own changes.  What’s not to like?  Here’s the whole story

Thomas Paul is a Los Angeles-area dealer in fine art who has a site at  Since before we started working with him, his site was an ever-growing collection of flat HTML files.

This was an inexpensive way for him to get started, but as his offerings have grown, he wants to be able to add more new artworks and artist, and not have to wait for us to be available to make changes.  He also wants to be able to tweak and modify his listings, indicate what’s sold and what’s not, and do it all himself without having to pay for each little modification.

Well, that to us sounded like it was time for a content management system.  With a CMS, he’d get some additional benefits: A web feed that highlighted his latest additions.  Ways to display his art in multiple groupings without having to do additional work (i.e. by time period, type of art, artist, title, ...)

But that’s not all. We also took the opportunity with the redesign to add in some particularly wonderful new features to his site.  For example, there’s a great tool that allows you to zoom in on some of the artwork (example 1, example 2) as close as life-size—you can see the brushstrokes, the texture of the canvas and the smallest background detail.  As more and more of his business comes in via the website, being able to offer a near-gallery experience has become critical to him.

We also (warning, geekery ahead) redid everything in CSS so the pages load faster and cleanly, redid his site’s contact system and mailing list, and optimized his site for search engines.

Whether you’re looking for a Rembrandt or a Hockney, check him out!


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