Think Salmon!

Screenshot of Think Salmon Think Salmon. It’s good for the enviromnent, it’s good for you, and it also happens to be a good website.

We were (and are) the development team responsible for Think Salmon, a site devoted to “inspiring individuals and organizations to contribute to the best possible conditions and environment for British Columbia’s Pacific salmon.”

You can read more at the site itself, but there are two really interesting aspects to Think Salmon that set it apart from other sites we’ve done.

First, every bit of information in the site is mapped; that is, it’s given a latitude and longitude and integrated with Google Maps to be ultra-slick.

The other great feature, is the story sharing system.  They’re encouraging people in many ways to come to the site and share a salmon-related experience, piece of art, video, photo, observation or question.  The site grows through user contributions and participation.  And it’s really starting to shape up., backed by the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Fraser Basin Council, is a learning resource with great scientific information, but it’s also a wonderful gathering point for people who care about salmon, and I have to tell you, being relatively new to B.C. myself—these people care a whole heck of a lot about salmon.

Oh, and yes, there’s nothing wrong with thinking salmon while you eat a delicious cedar planked salmon fillet.  It’s a mighty tasty fish!


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