Launch: The Reason Project Contest System

The Reason Project has been one of the most ambitious and complex projects Hop Studios has worked on to date. It has constantly evolved as Sam Harris, the founder of RP, comes up with new ideas. [Previous blog entry.]

The latest interactive feature to launch is the Reason Project contest system. The contest system is a fully custom template-based implementation for EE. It uses multiple stand-alone entry forms to allow users to upload and manage URL, text, audio, photo, and video submissions. It also utilizes the Solspace Favorites module to record user votes.

The first contest opens January 1, 2010, and seeks video submissions “that convey the message of the foundation.” Full details can be found on the contest submissions page, with videos entries accepted until February 28, 2010. First prize is $10,000!

EDIT: The Reason Project has changed its name to Project Reason.


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