Starting Up an Instagram Account Boosts Audience Interaction Across the Board

Rose's first post to Instagram Hop Studios has had the privilege and pleasure of working with cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum for a very long time. Working with Rose is a joy (although looking at all those photos of wonderful desserts and breads can be torture in the late afternoon). The very quality that makes Rose such an inspired cook and great Hop Studios client also contributes to her online success—she loves to try new things.

A month ago Rose signed up for Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing tool (available for iOS and Android). Rose had heard that using Instagram could help her to connect with more people online, and was especially interested in simultaneously sharing Instagram photos to her Facebook page and her Twitter feed, where she has reaching her readers for some time. When the first photo she shared on Instagram got its first batch of hearts in under a minute, Rose was hooked!

Over the past few weeks, Rose has posted a buffet of mouthwatering photos—freshly picked cherries, a grilled tomahawk steak I personally would give my right arm to have right now, iced cappuccino... In short, she’s posting cheesecake shots for the food lovers, if you can forgive the pun. And we aren’t the only ones ogling Rose’s photos, either. Already, Rose has earned many favorites, many comments, and more than 170 followers.

Image showing percentage improvementBut Instagram followers aren’t the only ones excited about these new photos from Rose. As she has shared her foodie adventures on Instagram, she has simultaneously been sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. Thrillingly, the result has been a skyrocketing response across all her social media platforms: there was a significant percentage improvement in Facebook social interaction during the week of her first Instagram post. Her Facebook engagement is way up, as are shares and retweets of her posts. Rose is hearing more from her readers and fans, and is excited to have feedback and interaction on these smaller tidbits of her life that likely couldn’t become a full blog post.

In 2015, it’s no secret that social media is a great way to extend your brand and increase its audience, and luckily, it’s sometimes loads of fun, too. Congrats, Rose!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, for some reason I’m craving cake and I’ve got to go find some.


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