Special Project: Code name Frog

FrogcouverSometimes our clients come to us with with fun ideas they want to try on their sites, and we’re happy to be a collaborator. At the beginning of March, after attending Festival du Bois, Alex Brabant and Mario Beaudoin came up with an idea for an April Fool’s Day joke they wanted to play on members of their social networking site. On April 1st they sent out a press release announcing a complete rebranding of the site from to in order to please a more anglophone audience. The new approach for the site involved a change in colours, a new site url, and the creation of a fabulous new frog logo based on the original fleur de lys logo.

Alex (ribbit) and Mario (kermit) have gone all out, with detailed press releases, a “launch” party, and ridiculous requirements for their members. Luckily we were also able to launch the new “Frogcouver” attending system for events at the same time. Users visiting the site will find a new way to interact with the extensive list of francophone events and activities.


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