Speaking at Northern Voice

Susie and I spoke this morning at the Canadian blogging conference, Northern Voice. I did a talk called “How to be a Citizen Journalist.” Susie’s talk was about how “Why Every Website Should Use Blog Software.”

I have to say, I had a great time doing my talk.  The audience was fabulous—they asked just the right amount of questions so that I felt like no one was nodding off, and yet they didn’t seem confused by what I was saying, which is also pretty gratifying. I also wanted to give a shout out to Susie, who made some great slides for my talk.  Once we got past the initial hurdle of trying to display the presentation, they were just what I envisioned and just what the talk needed.

Susie also ended up switching the slides for my presentation, and I drove the keyboard for her talk, which was much more of a live web demo.  (Always risky relying on a live web connection, but it went off very well and the feedback was excellent.)

We haven’t been doing as much talking at conferences lately, but Northern Voice is one of our favorites and it was nice to connect with the most savvy and enthusiastic members of the blog world in Vancouver.


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