SLAIS: The School of Library, Archival and information Studies

SLAIS is short for The School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, an excellent academic program at UBC with a mouthful of a title. The administrative staff of SLAIS came to Hop Studios upon the recommendation of former client, the UBC Journalism school.

The SLAIS site was an old one, and had been built with flat HTML files, maintained using Adobe Dreamweaver and a complicated set of overlapping templates and Library items. While the site cries out to be moved into a content management system, that’s in the cards for a later incarnation that depends on UBC’s internal Web folks. In the meantime, however, SLAIS asked us to focus solely on a redesign of the interface that would allow them to continue using templates and Dreamweaver, but freshen the look of the site.

Because SLAIS is a UBC program we were required to work with the blue and gold school colours as well as accommodate two logos, that of UBC as well as SLAIS’ own.The new design is fresh and modern with an interface that—we think!—is much more appealing to their potential audience of internet savvy students. The site navigation has been fine-tuned in the new design to be user-friendly and easily navigable. While we were at it, we also helped to streamline the templates already in use, to make implementation and maintenance a little easier.


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