Seeking a Part-Time Proposal Writer

Update: We’ve filled the position!

Hop Studios is looking for someone who’s a good proposal writer, who sees what’s wrong with this sentence, and who can fix it.

In a nutshell, we need someone who can, on a part-time basis, take on some of the new business opportunities that Hop Studios identifies, and write clear, detailed and prompt proposals in order to secure new clients and projects.

To be the person (or company) we hire (or subcontract) for this, you have a know a fair bit about building websites, and you need to have a mixture of salesmanship, technical writing skills, and copy editing prowess.

If you do this for us and we work together well, we’ll pay you more than you might expect.  If you refer us to someone who ultimately becomes the person who does this for us, we’ll find a generous way to thank you, we promise.


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