School’s In! ‘Managing the Blogosphere’ at UBC Continuing Studies

I’m teaching a class for the next month in the Continuing Studies program at UBC.  The class is called “Managing the Blogosphere,” and it makes me feel like a grey beard, because I’ve only taught one session so far but it was laden with phrases like:

  • Back when I started blogging, we didn’t have ...
  • Nowadays, I guess it’s Twitter that people use instead of ...
  • And then they got bought by ...
  • This slide is from last year, though, and now there are already ten times ...

That aside, I’m really happy to be teaching again after about two and a half years away from it.  Preparing is a good way to remind myself what I know and what I don’t actually know, and the questions I get from the students often help me to see the industry through fresh eyes.

To my students, and others who might be curious about the course: Here are the class notes, though of course it doesn’t cover the hands-on training or the tangents we cover in class, and I may have skipped over or modified some of the slides on the fly.

Course Outline: Managing_the_Blogosphere_November_2009.doc

Week 1 Slide Deck: Introduction_to_Blogs2.ppt

Week 2 Slide Deck: Blog_Add_Ins_and_Social_Media.ppt

Week 3 Slide Deck: Audience_Content_Microblogging.ppt

Week 4 Slide Deck: Audience_Outreach_Law.ppt

I’ll update this with the course content as we go.


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