New Pens from Saul Good Gift Co

In preparation for the EE Roadshow, Travis asked me to look into giving pens away as promotional items at the event. I hate the idea of contributing more “stuff” to the world, especially things as disposable as pens. But a well-timed article about an ethical gift company I came across in Granville Magazine (sadly no direct link), Saul Good Gift Co., convinced me we could make an environmentally friendly choice and still have some schwag to share.

The gift company features a selection of gift boxes and promotional products that are either sourced locally, made sustainably or are environmentally conscious. I went with the cardboard pens because they are made with 100% recycled cardboard and biodegradable plastic. They also fit into our budget. A pricier promo item I’ll keep in mind in future is the Tradeworks wooden pen in their product catalog. It’s produced locally by Tradeworks Custom Products who provide training and employment opportunities to women from the Downtown Eastside.

The owner of the Saul Good Gift Co. just happens to be Saul Good. He did a fabulous job of keeping me informed about our order along the way and ensured we received the pens in time for the conference despite a tight deadline and an initial error in shipping. As for the pens themselves, I’m very pleased with the look of the Hop Studios branded cardboard pens, and they go nicely with the rest of the conference swag we keep on hand.

Note: We didn’t get any compensation for writing this; I just like the pens.


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