Roses Are So 2017; PushEE is 2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching. This year, say it with browser notifications! (True, they aren’t as sexy as roses, but they may be more effective.)

Hop Studios is releasing a new ExpressionEngine add-on: PushEE!  PushEE allows you to create and publish notifications directly from the comfort and security of your own entry screen. We’ve even designed PushEE so that you can target specific groups of visitors with each notification.

PushEE is perfect for publishers, stores, service providers and anyone else with an announcement to make: those who want to nudge select website visitors with breaking news or, yes, expressions of affection.

Here’s how it works: you publish some new content—a flash sale, breaking news, a new product offering— in ExpressionEngine. As soon as your entry is published, desktop website visitors (who have opted in) receive a notification alerting them about the content—even if their browser isn’t running at the moment.

Although the style of the notification differs browser-to-browser, all include a title, summary and link to a page on your website. One click on the notification and your audience is viewing your new content. Since browser notifications are received pretty much instantly, PushEE just might be the fastest way to reach out and get an instant response.

Visit for a working demo of the PushEE add-on in action, and try sending a browser notification yourself.

PushEE is available now for $20, takes 10 minutes to install, and works with EE 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x.

Give the add-on a try today and let us know what you do with PushEE!


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