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Rejuvenile logoWhat do you call adults who manage to bring their child-like ability to play, to wonder, to look at things with new eyes, to treat life as a game, who dress and act and talk in ways that “typical” adults find incomprehensible?

If you said “Rejuveniles” then you probably have already heard of our latest client, Christopher Noxon, the author of “Rejuvenile: Kickball, Cartoons, Cupcakes and the Reinvention of the American Grown-Up.” It’s an analysis, involved but dispassionate, of the social phenomenon of adults who act, not immaturely, but rather like kids in some ways.

We like working on websites for authors in general.  But a chance to work on a site for an author with the word “Cupcake” in the title—well, that’s right up our alley.  His website, which we built from scratch, is a cornerstone of his current publicity campaign, which kicked into gear several weeks ago.

So far, he’s been interviewed by Bill Maher for the Amazon webcast “Fishbowl,” and he’ll be on The Today Show on June 28 and The Colbert Report on June 29.  We’ve made sure we’re ready for any related traffic spike.

For Christopher’s website, we gave him a full package of promotional tools: He’s got a blog, mirrored on, which he updates regularly. There’s a mailing list, and a glossary (great for search engine mojo).  He collects profiles from site visitors, which he then features. The blog allows comments for cross-conversation pollination.  And we set up RSS web feeds linked through Feedburner, and stats tracking via Statcounter, so he can see how people are accessing his site.

Oh, and when you use the site’s navigation, the site’s bobblehead, a race car driver, wobbles his helmet.  It’s a cute touch, and I think it’s nice how his book’s topic and Hop Studios’ design style mesh so well.


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